DeVine Volunteer Needed

DeVine Wine Jelly is EXCITED to attend many festivals across Maryland this year! Join us as we drink wine, eat wine and meet thousands of smiling faces......we are gonna have funhun

We need energetic volunteers to staff our festivals to squeeze wine jelly for our customers. Please note multiple shifts are available. Its a win win, meet new friends, free admission to sample all wineries in attendance, and take home 2 pack jar of DeVine Wine Jelly! 

To volunteer, questions or more information, please email Lgveney@gmail.com I look forward to meeting you and having a "winederful" time!


Upcoming Festivals 2020

(All cancelled due to covid 19)


Dear De Winers,

I REALLY miss seeing ALL your smiling faces. This pandemic has made us come together to rally our greatest strength..... the human spirit. During this uncertain time, I pray that you and your families stay safe and heathy. I appreciate your continued support  with your on-line orders, my heart sings. Please wear your mask, practice social distancing, and keep faith. We will meet again! 



LaKesha Veney